Gambar dan Harga Grand Livina X-Gear Baru 2011

| September 6, 2011

Wah tak sangka aku yang Grand Livina X-Gear ni begitu cepat sekali keluar. Pertama kali aku tengok model Grand Livina X-Gear ni ketika aku berada di Beijing, China atas urusan kerja. Aku pelik tengok Grand Livina di China sebab rupanya sangat jauh berbeza dengan Grand Livina aku yang cantik di Malaysia hehe. Nak kata orang China modify MPV tu, macam tak pula. Rupa-rupanya Grand Livina itu dari model X-Gear. Baru aku tau dan model X-Gear tu pun dah sampai ke Malaysia. Dengar-dengarnya, harga Nissan Grand Livina X-Gear ni agak murah berbanding Grand Livina biasa (RM82,800 je). Ye ke? Masyuk gak tu huhu. Kalau nak tengok gambar dan sedikit review dari Paul Tan, boleh baca kat bawah ni. P/S: Korang rasa kereta Grand Livina ni boleh bawa korang ke syurga tak? Aku kata boleh, kalau ianya digunakan dengan tujuan baik seperti mencari rezeki halal untuk keluarga dan berusaha dengan kuat agar korang dapat bayar zakat lebih setiap tahu. Korang boleh juga gunakan Grand Livina X-Gear ni untuk ke masjid solat berjemaah. Hehe insyaAllah…

Nissan Livina X Gear Malaysia 1

Edaran Tan Chong Motor (ETCM) has officially unveiled the Nissan Livina X-Gear. It’s essentially a five-seater version of the Grand Livina MPV that Malaysia is very familiar with, plus tough SUV-style looks thrown in the package. Launched with the same 1.6 litre engine as the Grand Livina, the Serendah-assembled X-Gear is priced at RM82,800 OTR, including insurance.

At 4,275 mm long, the X-Gear is 145 mm shorter than the 4,420 mm Grand Livina, although both share the same 2,600 mm wheelbase and tracks. This means that all the millimetres the X-Gear loses over the Grand Livina is behind the rear axle, the length Nissan added in to accommodate a third row for the Grand.

Nissan Livina X Gear Malaysia 2

So while many would naturally view the two-row X-Gear as a smaller Grand Livina, it can also be viewed as a large hatchback, something like a Suzuki SX4. In fact, ETCM is pitching the X-Gear in the B-segment hatchback market (Jazz, Swift, Mazda2, Fiesta) and hopes to steal some sales from similarly priced popular sedans such as the Toyota Vios as well.

To us, the X-Gear’s macho add ons make it look quite convincing as a psuedo-SUV. The entire front bumper is new and chunkier than the standard item, with a protruding chin and prominent cut outs for the fog lamps.

Nissan Livina X Gear Malaysia 3

There’s also a silver “sump guard” for full effect. From the side, one can see black body molding and overfenders. The wheels are similar in size with the Grand Livina.

The rear mirrors the changes up front. There’s a chunkier bumper in black, with a similar silver panel. The Nissan logo on the tailgate is surrounded by a black piece of plastic to match as well. The package is completed with roof rails, which are functional, stresses ETCM. No old X-Trail style lights on them, though.

Nissan Livina X Gear Malaysia 4

Ground clearance is 180 mm, no difference from the Grand Livina. There’s also no raised suspension or 4WD, so owners shouldn’t take the X-Gear too far off the beaten track. As mentioned, the HR16DE is similar to that in the Grand Livina.

The 105 hp/150 Nm unit is paired to a four-speed automatic gearbox. The suspension consists of front MacPherson struts and a rear torsion beam. Steering is EPS while the brakes are vented discs up front, drums at the back.

Nissan Livina X Gear Malaysia 5

Inside, the changes are the deletion of the Grand Livina’s rear air con vents (smaller car doesn’t require it) and the strip of vent up front that directs air to the rear. In place of the former is a cupholder that folds out to make two.

The seats have a nice “tartan” pattern to it (not big checks like the GTI, but much finer in size), repeated on the door cards. There are also dark silver trim on the doors. I’m enjoying the X-Gear’s generous rear legroom as I type now. More updates coming your way later.

Nissan Livina X Gear Malaysia 6

Sumber: Paul Tan

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  1. Sepertinya kalau saya baca mobil nissan grand livina ni nyaman banget ya tukliburan bareng keluarga , tapi kalau grand livina yang model X-Gear warna silver ada gak ya ??

  2. Sepertinya kalau saya baca mobil nissan grand livina ni nyaman banget ya tukliburan bareng keluarga , tapi kalau grand livina yang model X-Gear warna silver ada gak ya